CP of Brazil, Resolution Against the War

Resolution against the Imperialist War and for Peace

After months of threats and blackmail, the war against Iraq started last Wednesday. The forces of aggression, armed with the most modern existent military technology, are showering a great quantity of missiles over civilian and military targets ever since, especially over the Iraqi capital Baghdad. By land, they started the invasion of the country as the Iraqi forces, still militarily weakened after more than ten years of blockade, try bravely to resist, imposing significant casualties on the aggressors. Iraq, one of the cradles of civilization, is threatened by brutal destruction. It is a war of extermination where the United States does not hesitate to make use of the most deadly weapons, what constitutes a genocide of great proportions and a threat to Iraqis and all humankind. Bush's war against Iraq is the sharpest manifestation of barbarism against civilization. The Communist Party of Brazil vehemently condemns the brutal war and manifests unrestricted solidarity to the Iraqi people.

The war cannot be justified by any reason, since the arguments presented by the Bush administration are false. It grounded its declaration of war on the threat of war that Iraq would represent to the national security of the USA and on the justification of the existence of weapons of mass destructions held by that government. However, the declarations made by UN inspectors Hans Blix and Al Baradei were ignored. After months of searches, they could not find the weapons and demanded more time in a report presented to the Security Council. In fact, since the end of the first Gulf war in 1991, Iraq is under an embargo and acting defensively. Therefore, it has not had the slightest chance to rearm.

A plan of world domination is being carried out by the United States. Since the disappearance of the Soviet Union and the temporary defeat of socialism, the United States is the only superpower able to reach the entire globe, maintaining military bases on more than 70 countries and a military budget amounting to 400 billion dollars, what corresponds to more than one third of the military expenditure of all countries. Under the Bush administration and after the attacks on September 11, the United States has made its military doctrine official, a doctrine based on the concepts of "preventive war" and "long lasting, infinite war" by means of which, according to its own will, they are free to unseat any foreign sovereign government in any part of the world. The unilateral dominion of the United States is, therefore, proclaimed. Thus, after Iraq, all the other countries feel threatened.

The war against Iraq has geopolitical, strategic and economic reasons. Controlling Central Asia, the Persian-Arab Gulf region and the Middle East is in the core of those objectives. Those are regions where the world's greatest oil reserves are, oil that the United States needs so much since it is a parasitic country on the verge of facing an energetic crisis.

The war takes place in a moment when the structural unbalances of the US economy are manifested in their sharpest form. The US imperialism exerts hegemony mainly by military means. The current serious events reveal that important changes regarding the world geopolitical situation are taking place. The positions maintained by the United States were never that isolated and the open contestation of its hegemony was never that present.

The American aggression breaks the most elementary conventional norms regarding the relations among nations. The very role of the United Nations is at stake. The United States overrides UN, which is viewed as "irrelevant" and "irresponsible", what constitutes a heavy blow on the multilateral system. In the new situation, the United States intends to turn the United Nations into an institution with merely notary and bureaucratic functions, responsible only for the "humanitarian missions" that follow the aggressions of the superpower. This fact may cause serious consequences to the world order, since it represents the beginning of a dark period of explicit villainy performed by the United States. The current world order is seriously harmed.

The struggle for peace has a humanitarian and revolutionary sense. It is a leading-edge flag that is at the same time radical and broad and interesting to all peoples in the world. While the United States is becoming more and more aggressive and militarizes the life in the planet,[the anti-imperialist sense grows and may result in the intensification of the national resistance for the sovereignty of the peoples. As a result, millions of people from all parts of the world manifest for peace and against war in the most relevant event of our time.

The Communist Party of Brazil, being vehemently against the war, congratulates president Luis In cio Lula da Silva and especially the patriotic position of the Brazilian diplomacy that, expressing the feeling of the Brazilian people, has taken positions of denouncing the war and defending peace and, supporting the call for an innovative meeting of chiefs of State within the UN-a position that was readily accepted by its Secretary General -in order to interrupt the conflict and search for pacific solutions.

Finally, we call the workers, the youth, women, democratic and progressist forces and all the Brazilian people to intensify the demonstrations on the streets demanding the end of the aggressions to the Iraqi people.

Stop the war now!


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