Statement of PDS Chair Gabi Zimmer on the terrorist acts in the USA

The PDS condemns most strongly the brutal, inhuman attacks on the World Trade Centre, the Pentagon and the US State Department. These appalling terrorist acts of unknown dimensions with thousands of victims cannot be justified by any political aims, by absolutely nothing. If only because they have made their victims countless uninvolved, innocent people.

With equal firmness the highjacking of aircraft is to be condemned, whereby unsuspecting passengers – men, women and children – have been misused as human weapons.

We feel extreme shock and indignation. All our sympathies are with the victims.

In this hour of strong emotions we appeal to the US Government when considering their reaction to show the measure of responsibility for preserving peace the world expects a great power to show. Not quick retaliation, not violence against violence but de-escalation, contributions for solving acute international conflicts seen by some in connection with these attacks are the needs of the moment. World peace is at stake.

Berlin, 11 September, 2001


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