11 September 2001 : Terrorist attacks in the USA


Today´s appalling events bring the 21st century before a terrible prospect. It is a world tragedy.

Our condemnation of terrorist acts, which produce such results, is unequivocal. The tragedy is immense for the American people who suffer this hour. Sentiments of sorrow and solidarity are common the world over. Along with the lost lives the victims are the guarantees of democracy and the values of peace and civilization.

Behind these acts there are forces in action aiming to discredit the democratic struggles of peoples and citizens.

Let us hope that this tragedy will not serve as a pretext for a new cold war demonisation and division throughout our planet.

The world of confrontation, rivalry and enmity is demonstrating its limits. The totalitarianism of violence is the modern fascism, which must be defeated. The issue, which also comes to the fore, is the universal character of peace and cooperation.

The burning, collapsing buildings reminded us of pictures of war, such as those in the Gulf and Kosovo.

The threats against humanity awaken people?s consciences and call for democratic alert.

It is necessary for the UN to become the true center of peace, co-existence and essential stability and a human face of peace, democracy and solidarity must be ensured for the 21st century.

This day also shows the deficit on the EU level. We are hoping that the Greek government will take initiatives for the exchange of views and common understanding. I am asking the government to inform us officially about the situation and take initiatives which will really offer to all political forces the possibility to come to a better understanding between them and to better and more correctly inform Greek society.


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