Statement on the attacks in the USA

Federal committee of the Communist Party of Austria
Sept. 14, 2001

1. The disastrous attacks in Washington DC and New York City mark a turning point in international politics. The attacks are criminal acts, the responsible people and brains behind them have to be tracked down and handed over to justice. But the Unites States of America and NATO are not in a state of war as some politicians and journalists say. It is a racist creation to talk about a “clash of cultures” or “civilizations” instead of talking about causes and people responsible for terrorism. The declaration of the “case of alliances” according to NATO-Treaty Article 5 is part of the psychological preparation of acts of war against targets that have not been defined yet. Such military acts on the part of some powers would mean breaking and violating international law. The Communist Party of Austria strictly turns against all attempts to take advantage of the shock, resentment and disgust which have been aroused by the attacks for the purpose of an international jungle law. The spiral of violence has to be terminated instead in order not to lead to the inferno of a universal civil war.

2. Facing the fatal attacks in the USA we want to state principally: Mass murder can never be a fair means to push through even a just cause. The Communist Party of Austria therefore condemns the terror against institutions in the USA that has claimed the lives of thousands of people. Even if it seems to be directed against symbols of capitalist power, it is not the expression of anti-imperialist struggle but well-organised crime. In the same way as other forms of organised crime it is not the contrary but part of the international capitalist system. All the structures that have been named so far as possible powerbrokers of these attacks were established be US-services during the Cold War. The forthcoming weeks will show, we are afraid, to what extent terrorism is suitable for military violence and state repression by the ruling powers. Terrorism is by no means a progressive but reactionary force.

3. International terrorism has become a symptom of a social crisis worldwide. We are increasingly becoming aware of the fact that even the biggest military organisations and secret services and highly developed armaments as well are not able to protect capitalist metropolis from disastrous consequences, the deepest reason of which is an unjust and destructive world order. A world (dis)order that condemns the overwhelming majority of mankind to live in exploitation and suppression, will never be safe. If today the centres of capitalist power have become targets of terrorist attacks, this is the result of policies that ignore demands for new and just structures of world society in a selfish and arrogant manner.

4. Even the shock that has been triggered off by those attacks which show only contempt for humankind should not make us forget those people who fall victim day by day to hunger, epidemics, wars, and ecological destruction that are a result of today’s world order. We are convinced: The only way to build a safe world is to observe the principles of non-violence in international relations and to introduce non-military ways of conflict management. Only a world of social justice and opportunity of development for everybody as it is being demanded by the anti-globalisation movement will be a safe world in the long run.
5. Any society, any political movement, any political party and any individual has to face the alternative of being part of the problem or part of the solution to the problem. We are demanding from Austrian politics that while condemning terrorism at the same time it resist the military logic of “counter attacks” which would contribute to tighten the spiral of violence. The disastrous attacks quite on the contrary show the inability of military systems to create security. This is only possible by applying constructive and joint policies. This is the background to prove that it is not the union with a military treaty but maintaining and developing Austrian neutrality which will ensure the best possible contribution to such a policy.

6. There is the danger as can be concluded from statements by the ministers of the interior in the European Union and in Austria to abuse the present atmosphere of fear to strengthen repression and policing and to further restrict the rights to move of alternative groups such as the anti-globalisation movement. Being aware of such threats the Communist Party of Austria calls upon all activists not to be intimidated by nationalism and cultural chauvinism as it is being fuelled at present and to actively support neutrality and peaceful politics.


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