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CP, USA, On the Strike against Afghanistan
From: Communist Party, USA, Mon 8 Oct 2001
http://www.cpusa.org , mailto:cpusa@cpusa.org
CPUSA National Board
First published Oct 8, 2001 by the Communist Party, USA
New York City - The Bush Administration's decision to bomb Afghanistan is not a solution to the terrible events of September 11th, and will neither end terrorism nor bring those responsible to justice.
The Communist Party USA strongly opposes this attack, which will sharply escalate the tragic cycle of violence, suffering and death, and compound the problems of poverty and imminent famine faced by the people of Afghanistan.
Despite the fact that the vast majority of the world opposes terrorism, the Bush administration chose a course that most governments could not endorse. This military action isolates our country and puts us at odds with most of the world's peoples.
We believe the Bush Administration is also motivated to wage war in the region by its interest in Middle Eastern and Central Asian oil. The administration's close ties to the oil, gas and energy industries are no secret.
War has a momentum and a logic of its own that is not easily contained once it is set in motion. Vietnam taught us that -- war does not bring stability, nor justice.
But many are asking: "If not by war, then how do we fight terrorism?" It is a fair question with no easy answers.
Terrorism is an international crime, and will only be ended by international political and diplomatic efforts. The fight against terrorism must be undertaken by international bodies like the United Nations and the World Court.
Some may say that such an approach will take too long. But the Bush Administration is already speaking of its war strategy in terms of years, not months.
Negotiated peace agreements for "hot spots" around the world, such as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, are real policy alternatives that would isolate terrorists and undermine terrorism's root causes.
And to eliminate the terrible threat that terrorism poses to humanity, those roots must be considered. We would argue that capitalist globalization, gross inequality, poverty and corporate plunder of the world's natural resources and labor provide fertile soil for anger and desperation to grow. The struggle against terrorism is inseparable from the struggle for peace, justice and self-determination.
War will have dire consequences for the American people, including racial profiling and attacks on civil liberties and democratic rights.
War will worsen the economic crisis, and the administration's proposals of corporate bailouts and tax cuts will not solve the problems faced by millions of working people.
In the weeks ahead, we urge a national dialogue, a "teach-in" if you will, on alternatives to war, racism, and repression. The American people, as do all people, have a right to safety. The question is, will war make the world safer?
After the September 11th tragedy, many of the family members of the victims spoke out for peace. The commitment of these families and millions more to finding political and diplomatic solutions to terrorism is an expression of American patriotism, as is the willingness to speak up and protect the Bill of Rights and the rights of minorities.
We refuse to let the Bush Administration and the ultra right define patriotism as war. In this new century, we must pledge to put an end to war and violence as means for solving humanity's problems.


CP of Canada, CPC Condemns US/British Aggression
From:RedNet, 9/10/2001
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From Miguel Figueroa
"We condemn the U.S./UK aggression against Afghanistan"
Emergency statement by the Central Committee,
Communist Party of Canada
October 7, 2001
The attack against Afghanistan by US and British missiles was launched during a meeting of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Canada, taking place in Toronto. The CC immediately issued the following statement: "The Communist Party of Canada unequivocally condemns the military aggression against Afghanistan by the United States and Great Britain. While claiming that they are targeting Taliban military forces and those accused of masterminding the Sept. 11 attacks, the imperialist powers are bringing new deaths and suffering to the people of Afghanistan, for whom we express our sorrow and solidarity at this difficult moment.
"The CPC demands an immediate halt to this war of aggression, in favour of a meaningful search for political and peaceful solutions to this crisis. We reject as completely false and hypocritical the claims by the Bush and Blair governments that their military actions are "humanitarian" in nature. The reality is that the Taliban and Osama bin Laden are largely the creations of massive CIA intervention in Afghanistan during the 1980s. The "Northern Alliance" forces opposing the Taliban were also heavily backed by US imperialism during their war against the Afghan government during the 1980s, and proved to be just as reactionary and undemocratic as the Taliban
during their period in power. The idea that further imperialist intervention in the region can bring anything but new disasters for the people is utterly false. As our Party and many other groups and individuals have pointed out, it is the United States itself which has long been the biggest source of state terrorist attacks against the peoples of the world. The U.S. government has no moral authority to bypass all international legal norms and procedures by launching this act of revenge against the people of Afghanistan.
"The Communist Party further demands that the Chr?tien government refuse to give any form of Canadian military or diplomatic support for this brutal act of aggression. Instead, Canada should give support to the search for peaceful solutions.
"The Communist Party and its members will take part in all anti-war actions and mobilizations across the country in the hours and days ahead. Once again, we extend our solidarity to the Arabic and Muslim communities, and to all people of colour in Canada who will no doubt face a further escalation of racist attacks as this war deepens. We renew our demand that the right to dissent against war and racism be fully respected. The federal government's drive to remove fundamental civil and democratic rights must be halted, as well as its racist attacks on immigrants and refugees." For more information, contact Miguel Figueroa, CPC leader at 416-469-2446.
Communist Party of Canada
290A Danforth Ave.,
Toronto, Ont. M4K 1N6
416-469-2446 (voice) 416-469-4063 (fax) <pvoice@web.net>


Israeli Peace Activists Arrested
08 October 2001
Palestine Media Center - PMC

Israeli police forces arrested Peace Now activists on Sunday 6 October near Nablus City. Mr. Noam Hoffshteler, Peace Now |s coordinator for the protest confirmed to the Palestine Media Center (PMC) today that four Israeli Peace Now activists were arrested by the Israeli police on Sunday 6 October. The Israeli peace activists arrested were demonstrating with more than 200 other activists against the expansion of the illegal Israeli settlement of |Nikudim²², 2 Km north of Nablus City.

Peace Now protesters called on their government to immediately halt all settlement expansion activities and its policy to allow for new illegal settlements to be built throughout the Occupied Palestinian Territory. They carried signs saying, |Bring the settlers home²² and |Netzarim-Hebron first²².

Mr. Hoffshteler told PMC, |The Israeli police action against protesters was unjustified²². He added, |Israeli police did not allow protesters to reach Nikudim because it was a closed military zone, while hundred of settlers were allowed to celebrate the expansion of Nikudim just hundreds of meters away²².

Mr. Hoffshteler told the PMC that one of the four activists arrested was Mr. Didi Remez, spokesperson of the Peace Now movement. He added that Peace Now would continue its struggle against settlement building in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, which he considered, |A violation to both international and Israeli laws²².

In all the signed agreements with the Palestine Liberation Organization, Israel committed itself to freezing all unilateral measures in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including settlement activities. However, it now purports that the expansion of settlements, which are created on occupied Palestinian land, is an essential response to its population growth needs.

Israel |s settlements throughout the Occupied Palestinian Territory are in contravention of the 1949 Fourth Geneva Convention as well as numerous other UN Security Council resolutions.

In recent years, many Israeli peace activists have spoken out against settlement building. They have also emphasized that the Israeli governments should dismantle them as a perquisite for peace in the area. Peace Now is only one of a number of Israeli organizations that espouse this position.


CP of Greece, Athens, 8 October 2001,anti-war demonstration in front of the US Embassy.
From: Communist Party of Greece, Tue, 09 Oct 2001
http://www.kke.gr , mailto:cpg@int.kke.gr
Athens, 8 October 2001,anti-war demonstration in front of the US Embassy.

No to the imperialist war.
No to any involvement of Greece.
The march was organized by the Communist Youth of Greece, the Youth Action for Peace, the All Students Militant Movement and the youth sections of some trade unions. Similar actions organized by several mass organizations and trade unions took place in Thessaloniki, Larissa, Patra, Ioannina, Kalamata, Korfu, Arta, Trikala, Karditsa.
On 9th October protest actions will be organized in Athens, by dozens of branches of the trade unions, the Greek committee for Peace and Déétente, the Confederation of Greek Women, the Action for Democratic rights and Liberties and others.
At the same day in the cities of Heraklion, Amfisa, Halkida, Preveza, Tripoli, Korinth, Rethymno, Agrinio, Kalamata, Argolida, Kozani, Ptolemaida, Alexandroupolis and the islands Kefalonia and Zakynthos.
One of the Greek newspapers ««Eletheros Typos»» has published on 9th October 2001 the following outcome of an opinion pool in Greece:
83,9% believe that the strike against Afghanistan will open a new circle of violence and terrorist actions
7,4% believe that the strike against Afghanistan will prove effective
8,7% no response
57,3% find the strike against Afghanistan unfair
26,4% find the strike fair
16,3% no response
51,2% are afraid of a terrorist attack in our country
42,8% keep their coolness
6% no response
51,2% believe that the strike against Afghanistan is a distributive reaction of USA against one country
31% believe it is a reaction of the international society against terrorism
11,8% no response
61,2% disagree with the reaction of USA
29% agree with the reaction of USA
9,8% no response


Journéée d'action nationale
«« contre le terrorisme et la logique de guerre, pour la paix et la justice »».


JEUDI 11 OCTOBRE 18h : RASSEMBLEMENT devant la prééfecture àà Marseille pour "la justice, pas la guerre"
Aix en Provence

18h - Place du Palais de Justice àà Aix en Provence
Quand pour combattre un terrorisme aveugle et meurtrier, on lance une croisade du Bien contre le Mal, une armada,forte du droit du plus fort, àà l'assaut de l'un des peuples les plus pauvres,
les plus déémunis de la planèète, on se dit que le Monde dit «« civiliséé »» et «« déémocratique »»,
nest pas en bon éétat !
Les Signataires :
Les Alternatifs - AMFPGN (Association Franççaise des Méédecins pour la Préévention de la Guerre Nuclééaire) - Appel des Cent pour la Paix - Association des Palestiniens en France - ATTAC - CANVA (Coordination de
l'Action Non-Violente de l'Arche de Lanza del Vasto) - CGT (Conféédéération Géénéérale du Travail) -CGT/Finances - CGT/Féédéération des Sociéétéés d'éétudes - CEDETIM - Coordination Franççaise de la Déécennie de la Culture de la non-violence et de la paix - Chiche ! - Comitéé Stop Belleville Stop Dampierre - Conféédéération paysanne - Cyber @cteurs - EPP (Enseignants pour la Paix) - Femmes Solidaires - Fondation Copernic - France-Tibet - FSU (Féédéération Syndicale Unifiéée) - LCR (Ligue Communiste Réévolutionnaire) - LDH (Ligue des Droits de l'Homme) - LIFDL (Ligue internationale de Femmes
pour la Paix et la Libertéé) - MAN (Mouvement pour une Alternative Non-violente) - MIR France (Mouvement International de Rééconciliation) - MJCF (Mouvement des Jeunes Communistes) - MOC (Mouvement de l'Objection de Conscience) - Mouvement de la Paix - MRAP (Mouvement contre le Racisme et
pour l'amitiéé entre les Peuples) - PCF (Parti Communiste Franççais) - Quakers (Assembléée de France) - Ras le front - Refondation Communiste Paris - SNA-MER (Syndicat National Autonome de l'Administration Chargéée de la Mer)- SNUI (Syndicat national Unifiéé des Impôôts) - Stop Essais pour l'abolition
de l'arme nuclééaire - SUD aéérien - SUD Culture - SUD-Etudiants - SUD PTT - SUD Rail - Terre des Hommes France - UNION SYNDICALE G10 SOLIDAIRES - UEC (Union Etudiants Communistes) - UJFP (Union juive franççaise pour la paix) - UPF (Union Pacifiste de France) - Les Verts.
Le site : www.aloufok.com
La réédaction : redaction@aloufok.com
La liste : nation-arabe-subscribe@yahoogroups.com


From India News Network (INN)

New Delhi, October 8: The Left parties, the Communist Party of India
(Marxist), Communist Party of India, Forward Bloc and RSP, have issued the
following statement:

12 October Protest Day:

Oppose US War, Curb Terrorism through Lawful Means

The armed forces of the United States have begun their military attack on
Afghanistan. Various cities have been bombarded by American and British
warplanes and ships. More attacks are in the offing.

The Left parties have, from the outset, stated that those responsible for
the terrorist attacks in United States on September 11 should be brought
justice, proceeding through the United Nations and on the basis of
international law.

By launching a full-scale war against Afghanistan, the main sufferers will
be the people of that country. The missiles and bombs rained on
will kill thousands of innocent people.

All democratic and peace-loving people in South Asia are deeply concerned
about the casualties of war and the consequences for the region.

The Left parties strongly reiterate their demand that the BJP-led
government, in no way, participate in this American-sponsored war. Such a
step would have dangerous consequences for our region and for the national
sovereignty of our countries.

The Left parties call for a joint campaign in protest against this
unilateral war launched by America and its NATO allies. The Left parties
call upon all their units to mobilise the people to hold protest
demonstrations and meetings on 12 October all over the country to demand a
halt to the war and to wage the struggle against terrorism in accordance
with international laws.


Harkishan Singh Surjeet A.B. Bardhan

General Secretary, CPI(M) General Secretary, CPI

Debabrata Biswas K. Pankajakshan

General Secretary, Forward Bloc General Secretary, RSP


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